Steve is very natural in front of an audience. He is warm, friendly, humorous, and engaging. I would recommend Steve as a speaker — the most difficult decision is trying to determine which topic to select!”

Jennifer Razzano, Vice President
IABC/Greater Cincinnati Chapter


Have you ever noticed how auctions draw people into the bidding?

Steve worked with an uncle who was an auctioneer, and he carried that experienceInsert your popup content here into his funny and motivational speech where you will be “sold” on the need to communicate well.

Steve uses his years of experience studying communication skills to combine thought-provoking ideas with humor to help you laugh, think, and gain a new appreciation of a sense of humor in talking and listening. Like a five-dollar box of stuff you might buy at an auction, “High Bid” has lots of content and is fun to experience.

Steve uses the acronym B-I-D to present points that keep the audiences laughing as they learn. The B, I, and D points will be customized to the needs of your particular audience.

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