Steve’s presentation, ‘Be Present When You Are Present,’ is an engaging, well-paced, amusing, and thought-provoking admonition to remain focused and pay attention… lighthearted with a serious purpose.”

Michael L. Turney, Ph.D., Vice President
IABC / Greater Cincinnati Chapter


Just pay attention! Because of multi-tasking and endless chatter coming from our computers, phones, and other high-tech devices, we don’t pay attention very well.

In this speech, Steve — in a fun and fast-paced manner — will show you how to get more out of your job and your life by paying attention. Learn to be present when you are present.  Don’t miss what is going on around you because your mind is someplace else.

Audience participation will elicit many “ah-hahs” as Steve gives practical tips to embrace the day, look for connections by incorporating the “Six Degrees of Separation,” learn to be observant about simple things, and ask questions to keep your mind actively on things going on around you.

To be successful in life, you must learn to pay attention — not fake attention.  You’ll go away with practical and important skills to help you develop your skills in order to pay attention—and be present when you are present!

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