High Bid: What Are You Worth in the Auction of Life?

Have you ever noticed how auctions draw people into the bidding? Steve worked with an uncle who was an auctioneer, and he carried that experience into his funny and motivational speech where you will be “sold” on the need to communicate well.

Be Present When You are Present

If you want to be a success in life, you must learn to pay attention—not fake attention. You’ll go away with practical and important skills to help you develop your skills in order to pay attention—and be present when you are present!

Practicing Short Leaps: Motivating Yourself and Others

In this program, you will learn how to expand your comfort zone by getting out of ruts and learning that “six degrees of separation” shows how we’re all connected. You will learn how to motivate yourself and others to become more productive and effective every day.

Never Stop Dancing

Dancing is fun! Never stop dancing is a metaphor for life. Take a chance; get out of your comfort zone. Remember Lee Ann Womack’s song, “I Hope You Dance” — one of those songs that makes you think about how you’re living. Now, Steve takes that idea to a whole new level as he tells us to “Never Stop Dancing.”