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steve-fartherSo…do you like our new look? No–not Steve’s jeans and plaid shirt. Steve’s new website! After much toil and tribulation, it is up and running. There you can get the best of his previous site plus some great new aspects, such as new videos and great quotes from satisfied customers.

Did you know that Steve coached an American Legion Speech Contest winner for a $25,000 scholarship? Did you know that his coaching expertise has helped “hit it out of the park” for executives needing to make a great impression on shareholders or prospective clients? Did you know that major Fortune 100 companies have hired him to coach for important presentations? He is the ultimate speech coach.

Did you know he also offers great keynotes for any major company event, from the morning kickoff speech to the final motivational dinner? You can see several sample videos from his keynote speeches here.

Since you subscribe to Steve’s newsletter, you probably realize that he presents outstanding workshops on improving presentation skills or listening.

I also have a favor to ask of you. When you click here to go to his website, you may find glitches we’ve overlooked. Please tell us! We want it to be smoothly navigable and super-helpful, whether you’re looking for a newsletter article on ad-libs or an after-dinner speaker.

So go ahead and explore at sboyd.com. Happy browsing!

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Steve Boyd
Steve Boyd
Stephen D. Boyd, Ph.D., CSP, is Professor Emeritus of Speech Communication, College of Informatics, Northern Kentucky University, near Cincinnati. Steve won the Toastmasters International Speech Contest in 1970 and was chosen Outstanding Professor of the Year at NKU in 1984, among other awards and honors. Since retiring, he volunteers with nonprofits, spends time with family, travels, preaches occasionally, and enjoys reading and writing. Contact Steve at (859) 866-5693 or at steveboyd111@gmail.com.

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    I liked the new look.

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