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Appreciation Goes Both Ways

Our readers in Natal are very appreciative of our time to help them practice English. I believe this goes both ways.

I have been encouraged in my daily life by the attitudes of our readers. They work hard to be here and it is not always easy for them to come. They arrange their reading hours around work, school, and transportation availability.

I will mention two of my readers who especially influence me by their spirit.

One man I’ll call Frederico has a great positive attitude. He comes to read with a smile on his face and a bounce in his step. He thanks me as I correct him on the pronunciation of a certain word. Today I asked him if he was always positive.

His answer was, “Yes, I am like this all the time.”

I followed with, “Do you ever have a down day?”

He said, “Never. In fact, my friends call my positive approach a disease. They don’t understand how I do it; it is just the way I am.” When he leaves at the end of the session, I walk out with him, feeling uplifted and my spirit renewed.

The other reader I will call Angelina. She has a renewed interest in reading the Bible. She told me at our last session that she is reading in the book of Genesis. One day recently she was eating dinner and the Bible was open a few feet away. She had such a great desire to read from it that she picked it up and read as she was eating dinner. She came in that day telling me that she loved the story of Joseph and she had some questions about Joseph.

These attitudes made me reevaluate my own attitude toward other people on a daily basis. Do I always seek to have a positive attitude? Do I look forward to reading the Bible? Am I really excited or so enthusiastic about a Bible story that I can’t wait to share it with others?

People sometimes ask why we go to other countries to teach the Bible by teaching English. Angelina is a great example of the answer. In my home area, I don’t know where to find people who are so eager to learn from the Bible; here they come to us.