In one sense, life is made up of contrasts. We have night and day, cold and hot, sun and moon, health and illness, young and old—just to name a few. Granddaddy and Josh

The Lord often taught in contrasts. He demonstrates righteousness by contrasting sheep and goats (Matthew 25). He illustrated faithful churches by contrasting heaven and hell (John 14). He demonstrates a healthy prayer life by contrasting the Pharisee and the tax collector (Luke 18).

Jesus continually wants us to realize that there is a difference in living in this world and living to prepare for eternity. When this contrast seems blurred to us, we need to reevaluate our lives and perspectives on things. If right and wrong actions are not clear, then we are not seeing clearly the contrasts in life. When we feel ambivalent about truth and temptations are not obvious, we need to take stock of how we are living for and serving God. If our value system is inconsistent, we need to do some soul-searching.

Are we building our lives on rock or sand (Matthew 5:14-16)?  Are we seasoned with or without salt (Matthew 5:13)?  Are we on the narrow or broad path (Matthew 7:13-14)?

Let’s keep life in perspective by looking at contrasts. We need to serve rather than give in to selfishness. We must desire to be pure instead of impure. We want to speak kind words instead of angry words. We want to be gentle and not harsh. We must work to be patient instead of short-tempered.

We view life in a variety of ways, and one way to help us live to serve Jesus is to understand the alternatives of life through contrasts. Learn to think of our Christian walks in terms of contrasts and to keep this world separate from that which we are all preparing for–eternal life.