Coincidence or Spirit-Led?

As I grow older I believe this adage: “There is no such thing as coincidence.”  I believe that when we are seeking to live close to God, we become more aware of the Spirit guiding us and giving us opportunities to minister for Him.

One of my favorite singers is Johnny Cash; thus I could not resist reading one his  biographies.  In the book there is a story that demonstrates this idea.

Johnny Cash and his family were walking down 57th Street in New York one Sunday when he happened upon the First Baptist Church of New York.  He saw from a sign that services were about to start, so he and his family went in.

The congregation was seated as they entered, but about halfway down the aisle a young boy was turned around, watching the door.  He saw them, immediately jumped up, and yelled, “Johnny Cash!  Johnny Cash has come to church with me.”

The only three seats available were the ones next to him and his parents. He was so excited, “I told you!” he kept saying to his parents.  “I told you he was coming.”

The preacher came over and explained to them that, yes, the boy told his parents, and the whole congregation, repeatedly that Johnny Cash was going to walk into that church, sit down by him and worship with him.  And that’s what he did.

After services, his parents came over and filled the story in for Johnny.  They were Jewish, they said, but their son had decided to become a Christian after listening to some of Johnny’s gospel recordings.

That’s why they were in a Christian church on Sunday morning.  They were in that particular church because that’s where he knew Johnny was going to walk in the door.

When a thought comes in your mind to say something to a stranger or help a neighbor or friend, put that thought into action.  Maybe it’s not coincidence, but the Spirit leading you to be Jesus to someone that day.