From Dull to Dynamic: Transforming Your Presentations

In Steve’s premier workshop, you will learn how to overcome stage fright and become a clear, energetic speaker from start to finish. You’ll also learn how to get and hold the attention of the audience and how to persuade them to take action on your ideas. After this seminar, you will be able to better organize your speeches and to conduct effective question and answer sessions.

Power Listening

We spend over half of our communication time in listening, yet our listening efficiency is about 25%. In Steve’s listening program you will learn to overcome poor listening habits and develop active listening skills such as questioning techniques and empathy. You will become more effective at remembering names and focusing on the speaker’s information in this instructional and fun-filled seminar.

The Power of the Spoken Word

Steve’s workshop on “The Power of the Spoken Word” will guide your people to a greater understanding of the importance of each word they say or write. Participants will learn how to understand and be understood and understand that how you communicate can be as important as what you say.