People Are Funny

You don’t have to go online to find good jokes or watch David Letterman to find laughter.  Simply strike up conversations with people you meet going about your daily activities. 

For example, recently we sat down to eat in a local restaurant. I let my wife out and was parking the car.  When the server came over to get our drink orders, my wife said, “We’ll both have water and I’ll have iced tea.  I don’t know what he’ll drink.” 

The server responded, “So what’s he going to do with the water?”

While in Beaufort, South Carolina, last week, my wife and I were eating in an outdoor section of a restaurant.  A lady sat down close to us  accompanied by a beautiful  dog.  As we sat eating and watching the dog sitting on the floor by its master, I was impressed by how well-behaved she was. 

So I said to the owner of the dog, “Your dog is more well-behaved than most children.” 

She said, “Thanks. That’s why my boys are in daycare and the dog is with me.” 

You don’t need humor writers or humorists to have something to laugh about. Talk to people and listen for their punch lines. You can’t improve on real people with spontaneous funny dialogue.