Class Attendance

A professor talking about class attendance said that he had no illusions that attending his class was essential to get “A’s” in his course.

I recall the story of a student who attended just the first class of the semester and did not show up again until the final exam. He scored 95% on the exam. The professor was shocked because she knew he hadn’t come to class all semester. She wrote “See me” on the cover of the exam. After the exams were passed back and the class was over, the student approached the professor and said, “You wanted to see me about my exam?”

The professor responded, “Yes. How did you get a 95 on that exam?”

The student answered, “Well, it would have been 100, but I went to your first class and got confused.”

The Power of the Positive

Over several decades I have developed a habit of keeping notes and letters that have special meaning to me. This  letter from a student is one of my all time favorites.

Seven days before I started this course I had made up my mind to make it  my final day. I will always remember the first day of class when you said, ‘this class will change your life.’  I have not entirely understood what you may have meant, but hearing it was just enough.

As I sat on my bed that night something made me believe a complete stranger that maybe my life could change. Instead of ending everything, I fell asleep. I don’t know what would have happened had I not heard someone say that things will change for the better….I just want you to know that what you do changes lives. 

I often talk about the power of positive language. This note convinces me even more that this idea is not theory but reality for all of us.

Share a positive idea with someone today.