Practice Short Leaps

A story I found in Guideposts many years ago has application to various topics, especially when giving tips for improvement in some area. It is a good hook for a presentation if you are having a hard time with the continuity of your main points.

A big game hunter in India sighted a large Bengal tiger. Since the animal was only a short distance away, the hunter took a quick shot and missed. The tiger leaped toward the hunter, and, fortunately for the hunter, he jumped over the hunter and the hunter escaped.

The relieved hunter returned to camp and was concerned about his poor aim. So the next morning he went behind the camp to practice shooting at short range. As he was practicing, he heard rustling in the bushes nearby. He looked, and there was the same tiger practicing short leaps.

Sometimes it is not the big goal that makes a difference, but the short leaps that are significant. Here are some short leaps that we can all use to improve our (fill in the blank with your topic).