Remember to “PM”

One of my first jobs as a teenager was working in a shoe store.  The line of shoes was inexpensive, and often the shoes were not well-made or stylish.  They were popular because they were inexpensive.

Perhaps because of lack of stylishness, some shoes were hard to sell.  When a pair of shoes had been in the store without selling for several weeks, the manager would stamp a “PM” on the outside of the box.  This stood for “Push More,” and as a salesman I knew that if I sold a pair of “PM” shoes, I got 25 cents added to my salary.  Since in 1960 I was making 75 cents an hour, that was a nice tip.

When we knew a size of foot of a customer matched one of the specially marked shoebox we made a concerted effort to talk about its advantages to the customer.

I think we can use that notion of “PM” in our personal lives.  Recognize the things in our lives that are most important and put a “PM” label by them.  With each day, decide the “PM”s for that day and live a more productive and pleasant life.

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