Do You Want to Dance?

On a Caribbean cruise last winter, my wife and I were delighted to learn of daily ballroom dancing with live music. Although we are not great dancers, we have been taking lessons for years and thoroughly enjoy the physical exercise, the music, and the people we meet.

I’ll have to admit there are times when I get a little frustrated at my lack of agility and skills and I don’t always have a smile on my face.

I was given a new perspective one night when we were sitting and waiting for the pianist to play the next song. I saw an elderly gentleman pushing a lady (I assume it was his wife) in a wheelchair. I thought they were just passing through. But this was not the case. He moved to a table where he could fit the wheelchair and sat down. The song began and my wife and I got up to dance. A few seconds later this couple was on the dance floor and they were dancing! She was in her wheelchair, smiling, and he was guiding her in the dance steps. Amazingly, they were able to dance in a recognizable manner. I could not resist stopping and staring. We all began applauding.

After that experience, I learned that physical skills are a matter of perspective. In the future I plan to have a more positive view of my limitations.