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January 13, 2011

The Sound of Silence

Activity ground to a halt on Monday at 11 am as President Obama led the nation in observing a moment of silence for those slain […]
January 3, 2011

What Is That I Hear?

A miniature schnauzer used to be part of our family. Sebastian had a high-pitched yip that was consistently irritating, and he would bark when anyone […]
December 8, 2010

Making the Already-Good Speech Superb

We always want to improve our presentation skills. Here are some little acts which can take your presentation to the next level. Just one of […]
October 25, 2010

Professional Speaking…and Baseball?

Many of us have dreamed at some point about being a professional baseball player. My dream was to be another Mickey Mantle. (I know, I […]
August 23, 2010

Catching Cultural Cues

We just got back from a month in Southeast Asia—more specifically, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. My interest in communication made me very aware of communicating […]