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August 13, 2007

Name-Dropping in Presentations

          A friend of mine once hosted at the University of Cincinnati a special committee which included both business leaders and university […]
July 9, 2007

Be Direct!

          Last winter when our family was sightseeing in Italy, our rental car had an installed Global Positioning System. Over a period […]
June 25, 2007

Add Spice to Your Speech with Dialogue

          As we checked in our luggage at the Fort Myers Airport, the Delta agent was intrigued by our taped suitcase. “And […]
June 4, 2007

Adapting on the Spot

            Once I was listening to an outstanding speaker when an audience member, succumbing to a long day of meetings, went to […]
May 21, 2007

Keeping Material Fresh in Your Speeches

          As we prepared to take off from Cincinnati to Buffalo, the flight attendant rattled through her welcome speech so quickly that […]