Do people rave like this about the speakers you choose?

Our Tiger Team loves you and they always walk away with more confidence than they had before they met you. Most certainly, you are excellent at what you do!!
                                               Debby Combs, Asst Vice President, Ohio National Financial                                      
Remember That Last Communication Snafu You Dealt With?

Steve Boyd’s communication expertise could have helped you avoid those problems. He works with people who want to speak and listen more effectively in order to increase personal and professional productivity. Through enhancing the communication skills of your company, Steve can positively influence your bottom line.

Does multi-tasking hinder your people from paying attention? Not paying attention at work is a prime reason for poor performance on the job, and Steve Boyd can help your employees or you personally to be more productive by paying attention.

Do you constantly deal with people who have poor listening skills? Productivity decreases when people do not listen carefully enough to follow through appropriately. Steve Boyd can supply skills for effective listening.

Steve is an expert on executive presentation skills training with video feedback. Many executives in the Cincinnati area will attest that he’s the best in taking your presentation from good to fabulous.

He practices what he preaches and his clients become better communicators because he does. He fills his presentations with stories and humor that lock in the concepts he presents. Steve’s programs are designed to increase workplace success through improving speaking and listening skills.